London Mistresses

London Mistresses - Olivia Fitzgerald


For those with a genuine desire to explore their submissive side with a Dominant Woman as a tributed lifestyle experience, I offer extended appointments within the context of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR) experience. The activities we engage in are a means to explore our D/s relationship, not an end in themselves. I am skilled in many aspects of alternative sexuality but my focus is upon the psychological as much as anything else, allowing you to surrender to my desires and wishes with grateful joy.

Over the years of exploration and play, I have found my greatest happiness in FLR encounters. There are many facets to this and I have enjoyed leading the journey for those that wish to explore this paradigm of power exchange. I particularly value being able to play at emotional depth.

I do not wish to provide a laundry list of 'things that I do' but think of my offering as a Dominant Girlfriend Experience.

I am interested in Sexual Domination, using my feminine charms to make you weak at the knees. I am very much a believer that when a woman controls a man's cock and orgasms, she controls the man.

Imagine that after a wonderful meal together spent laughing and enjoying each other's company, in the lift going back to the hotel room, with a glint in my eye, I tell you that I have a surprise for you. Immediately, you feel your heart beat a little faster, wondering what I have in the big black leather bag I brought with me and left up in your hotel room...

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